I am 28 years old and I have thin but very long hair. It gets frizzy and dry if I don't wash every day and I have severe hair fall. My diet is healthy but hair loss is constant. I have left using conventional shampoo due to sulphate presence in most shampoos, I wash my hair with reetha and follow home remedies. I want to know can I go for keratin treatment? I am very sensitive about my hair I do not use any chemical product. Will this chemical exposure be harmful to my hair? I’m getting married soon.

A trim every two to three months is good for hair growth, especially when they are long and thin. It freshens up the ends and reduces hair fall. Any past illness in a span of two to three months or stress in any form is a known factor that accelerates hair fall. Check your vitamin-D3 and iron levels. Thyroid gland disturbances also leads to hair fall and irregularities in your monthly cycle. Crash diets in the past few months is a known factor for increasing hair shed.

Your wedding is just around the corner, I would not advise to undergo a chemical exposure, keeping in view your hair's current condition. It's better for you to take protein treatments instead of hair keratin which is safer and will help tame up the frizz. I hope you are keeping a check on your water intake. Egg, meat, fish, leafy green vegetables, nuts and not to forget dairy products must be a part of your diet.

My acne seem to be non responsive to any treatment. My wedding is in eight months. I want to have clear skin on my wedding. Please help.

Usually brides visit only few days before their wedding, leaving us with very limited treatment options and nothing much can be done then. You are lucky, we have adequate time. It's a very appropriate time to visit a dermatologist and get your acne treated properly and also the post acne scars can be addressed in a good manner. •