• 01 Feb - 07 Feb, 2020
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

The yellow, lit up ‘C’ catches your eye, almost beckons you as you cruise towards the Bukhari street. At 7 pm, its early dinner for some; through the glass exterior I can see Clucky’s vibrant and bustling with diners. The graphically-illustrated wall to my left is made to grab attention – it spells ‘What The Cluck’, injecting a quirky vibe into their interior. My quest for perfectly juicy fried chicken has taken me to many eateries, with Clucky’s being the most recent haunt. Lights inundates the space, bouncing off its glass interior with the crisp aroma of fried chicken overwhelms the senses. My server, Owais takes my order, walking me through the special deals and varieties the eatery offers. The hot seller and diner’s favourite remains to be Clucky’s fried chicken, which are juicier and spicier owing to the eatery’s secret marinade. I order a Chicken Ala Kiev Sandwich, which came with a meal of a fried chicken piece. My friend wanted to try out their much-hyped and very Instagrammable ‘waffle cones’ which made for our next order. Their menu allows you to select a base from options of cone, rice or fries over which fried chicken bites are presented, tossed in a sauce of your choice. My friend choose rice. Most of the tables were occupied, with strings of customers filing and leaving sporadically. Despite this, the space didn’t feel crowded at all owing to its spacious design and separate eating stations. Our order arrived within a short wait of 12 minutes. I agree, albeit excited, I was also a bit sceptic about eating chicken from a waffle cone; a rather unconventional combo. Mouthfuls of chicken bites were swathed in Clucky’s special in-house Buffed Up Buffalo sauce – a sauce I selected out of 10 different ones! Crunchy bites had a delectable spicy note to it, courtesy of its special batter with the buffalo sauce adding a piquant kick to it. I broke off chunks of waffle cone that rendered a muted-sweet flavour to clear the taste palates if things got extra spicy! Next we dug into the Ala Kiev sandwich which appeared to be lovingly curated with hand, with mildly toasted, sesame encrusted buns. The patty was a crunchy chicken kiev stuffed with melted cheese, spices layered on a bed of jalapenos and sauces – an early-dinner dream. A clear hit on the table, what I loved about the sandwich (it was more a burger) was how with every morsel, the concoction of spices meddling with crusted chicken was well-balanced. As I tried the fried breast piece, all the fuss about the marinade and batter being right, sunk it. Not only was it juicy, the peculiar blend of spices made all the difference. Something you don’t get at KFC or any other fried chicken outlet. I particularly liked the combo of Clucky Bites on a bed of mildly-spicy tandoor rice. Bites, on request were tossed in yummy Peri-Clucking-Hot sauce, which paired great with our orange serving of rice. By this time, we were too full with chicken to try anything else (I confess, we wanted to.) We left Clucky’s with the ultimate spicy chicken satiation, planning our next visit to the place already. 

Location: Shop 1, 27-C, Bukhari Commercial, Lane 13, Phase 6, DHA Karachi, Pakistan.
Average cost for 2: Rs 1200 to 1500

TASTE: 4.5 Stars

Hitting the ball out of the park, with scrumptious chicken-munching owing to its secret spicy batter, we loved everything we tried. Kudos, for giving Karachiites something to Cluck about!

SERVICE: 4 Stars

The staff is enthusiastic with its recommendations, willing to offer help with what you should order.


Special mentions to the wall of crosswords, which tease the diners into fun-filled conversation. And of course the indigenous wordplay with the word, ‘cluck’.


To feed with your eyes first and Clucky’s knows that. Bonus points for the very Instagrammable waffles cones. Perhaps the bites-on-rice could be better presented.


Surprisingly affordable for an eatery located in the upscale area. It is the perfect grab and go with good meal sizes.