01 February, 1884 – The first fascicle of the “Oxford English Dictionary” published

The book contained entries A to Ant.

02 February, 1922 – Ulysses by James Joyce is published

The novel is considered one of the most important works of modernist literature.

03 February, 1972 – The deadliest snowstorm in history killed 4000

The Iran Blizzard lasted a week and left whole villages without survivors.

04 February, 1859 – German archeologist Constantin von Tischendorf discovers the Codex Sinaiticus

The Sinai Bible, a handwritten copy of the Greek Bible, is considered a great historical treasure.

05 February, 1852 – The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg opens to the public

It is one of the world's largest and oldest museums and was originally founded in 1764.

06 February, 1840 – New Zealand becomes a British colony

While the Treaty of Waitangi generally celebrated as the country's founding document, many Maori claimed they were deceived and unwittingly stripped of their right to govern the country.

07 February 7, 1992 – The European Union is established as the Maastricht Treaty is signed

The treaty also defined a single European currency: the Euro.