• 01 Feb - 07 Feb, 2020
  • Ayesha Adil
  • Fiction

I noticed that Fawad was browsing through my blog during breakfast. I glanced over his shoulder as I placed his plate before him; not too graciously I might add. The morning was tough. I had already taken Ibrahim to school and was back home rushing over the morning routine. The traffic was particularly savage and I was in no mood to be gracious for the next few hours of the day. I would make it up to Fawad with an “I love you” text in the afternoon or evening with a heart emoji. Men are so easy to please…

“You’re reading my blog? That’s a first.” I humphed as I began to get my plate and cup of tea to the table. I was famished and I couldn’t wait to dig in. Food always had the privilege of meeting my best side. I started to devour my food. Fawad knew better and kept quiet. He waited for me to have a few morsels inside me and a few large gulps of my tea before he spoke. Better safe than sorry.

“Saima, I like what you’ve written. And as you very well know, I read your blog whenever I get the chance, I only comment on it when I feel that there is something there that we can debate on. This one has been particularly engaging and bright to say the least. Have you hit the nail on the head? I can’t say. But I can’t expect anything less of dynamic and creative from the British monarchy. After all, they ruled the world for so many years with their British colonies so why would this move appear to be a whim or even one person’s will power over the Queen’s. It smells fishy to say the least.”

I looked at him silently knowing fully well that this debate would not happen now. I would have to wait for him to be back from work and then, maybe we would sit down and chat over it at dinner. Ibrahim would witness his parents yet again at it on something important and smart. It was this intellectual stimulation care of Fawad that made me so grateful. Life was indeed great!

So, for all of you wondering on what conspiracy theory I have unearthed now, I’ll tell all. In this entry I had written about HRH Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and their very brazen and shocking decision to give up their royal titles and move to Canada. They are planning to live lives of common people just like you and me! How shocking is that? The entire world was quiet for a while, unable to digest this mega news and then, the opinions started pouring in.

Now, as shocking as it is, I know that there are many takes on this. A plethora of assumptions. So many people believe that it is the royalty’s way to single out Meghan and kind of send her off packing because that’s what she deserves. But then why let Harry move along away with her? That doesn’t make any sense.

Others say it’s the influence of a strong woman on Harry who now knows better. Better of what, I ask? He is born into the royal family. He is royal blood. Knowing better in his judgment means to continue supporting and representing the monarchy even in his last breath, not giving up everything for a commoner’s lifestyle. That would be preposterous.

But in my blog, I clearly have another tale to tell. My blog brings a new and most possibly, the correct theory to light.

Fawad was done with breakfast and begins to collect his things making his way to the door.

“I would really like to talk about this more, Saima. We’ll discuss this further tonight.” And with that my knight in shining armour was gone.

I sat there gearing myself for the gruel of the day. There were so many things to get done and then leave in time to pick Ibrahim.

A woman in any right mind would not choose this for herself after enjoying the life of becoming a princess, a real life princess. And that’s what my blog says. I’ll copy it here for your judgment/approval/debate so that tonight when Fawad and I discuss it you can put in your two cents worth too. I’ll be waiting.

“The morning dew: Blog Entry; From Actress to Princess to your next door neighbour!”

Women are mostly affected by the decision made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They cannot believe how a woman would want to go back to being ordinary after becoming a princess, an actual princess. After enjoying the life of ease and comfort, how can she turn back the clock and return to ground zero?

Many would argue that, that ease and comfort probably also comes with a price, the royal demeanor, the etiquettes, the royal face, the paparazzi and their crazy clicks. Admittedly, it would definitely come with a price but what about the gain. They are madly in love and compatible. There’s a sparkle in Harry’s eyes whenever he looks at her and now with baby Archie their family is so happy and complete. Only good things are bound to come. Only more sunshine. Why give it all up for the rain?

I partially agree with all this. But I also know that the royal family is not doing things on whims and that too on the whim of an outsider, aka Meghan Markle.

The first clue to the royal scheme came when the royal baby did not get a royal title. This was something to note. I could sense that something more was brewing. In fact, in all honesty it all started when the couple got engaged.

Even though, I was ecstatic for her; which I truly was, but the bigger picture began to emerge.

Are they building all of this up to develop a more common life for these too? Does the royal family fear for its future and will now begin to steer towards more common interests? Bringing a commoner within their fold meant that they were now planning to connect with the proletariats. That’s the only explanation I could get out of it.

One by one all my doubts and assumptions began to take a physical form, a tangible shape. Every puzzle began to fall into place.

The royal family clearly wants an “end” different to the “popular” endings of most royal families around the world. History presents so many examples of broken dynasties and murdered monarchs. The British Royals have probably been given a lease by the public which is soon running out and this needs to be addressed immediately.

So begins the clever plan. Enter Meghan then Archie then let’s all migrate to Canada and become your next door neighbour.

What I am now envisioning is a get-away plan for William and Kate. Coming soon maybe. And what about the big boss, the Queen herself? How will she make a run for it? And the remaining ones, the rest of the royal family. I’m sure everything has already been orchestrated, we just have to wait for the revelation.

I could keep on making assumptions and I will not tire of it but I will let things take their natural course, for now. I am confident that we’ll hear about a new development soon.

I, honestly do appreciate the novelty of their creativity. I mean the whole world is loving it. The whole world is applauding them. No one can believe how the Queen let it happen. Little do they know that the Queen may just be having the last laugh.

Don’t forget to like and share and leave your thoughts in the comments below. For now this is all but there will be more to come. Mark my words.

I was looking forward to our debate tonight. I couldn’t wait for my husband to come back home.