Paris Hilton’s upcoming documentary ‘This is Paris’ reveals a private side to her

Having thrown her life open for years, it’s hard to believe there isn’t much the public doesn’t know about Paris Hilton. But wait, there is. The 38-year-old socialite often described as famous for being famous reveals a private side of herself in This is Paris, a YouTube Originals documentary premiering in May. “It’s very emotional this movie, it’s very raw, it’s very authentic,” Hilton told a TV critics meeting. “It’s basically my entire life.” In the documentary, she speaks publicly for the first time about incidents from her past and pivotal moments in her life. Hilton was reluctant to take a meeting about the project “because I wasn’t ready to show myself.” Eventually, she agreed and the film crew followed her around the world for a year. “I talk about things that are very hard to talk about,” Hilton said. The documentary addresses the time a teen-aged Hilton spent at a residential treatment centre for emotionally and behaviourally troubled youth in Utah.