Jeffree Star and YouTuber Shane Dawson threw shade on famous Beauty Gurus

Shane after delving into the darker world of the beauty industry and the stuff influencers don't want their viewers to see is now going back and forth between the present and the past to briefly share his perspective on various controversies. As Jeffree Star also explains, what these vloggers present themselves as isn't always real. As for the controversy surrounding Jaclyn Hill, the YouTuber reveals Jeffree Star would've reviewed her lipsticks but he had to wait until she figured out what's happening with it; particularly the lipsticks looked like they had hair and mold on them. They both pointed out Jaclyn has since addressed the issue, but they're not totally buying her claim that fibers from the gloves accidentally fell into the lipsticks. "I've never seen labs where [they use] white furry gloves," Jeffree says." Speaking of PR boxes, Shane reveals he's now on numerous PR lists, including that of Kat Von D, who Jeffree has famously fought with. "They put me on a list for Kat Von D's company and I had to tell them to take me off of it," Shane quips, proving his loyalty to the CEO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.