Updates on SpaceX

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SpaceX has launched and exploded a 500-tonne rocket in mid-air as part of the last major safety test before sending astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). The In-Flight Abort Test saw the Falcon 9 rocket experience a planned "rapid, unscheduled disassembly" shortly after take-off. More than 50 years after NASA sent astronauts to the moon, SpaceX is about to use the same Florida launch site to send its own crew capsule skywards.

Google gets rid of third-party cookies

Google will end support for third-party cookies that track users in Chrome within two years, the tech giant has announced. The world's most popular web browser said it would "phase out" support in order to "fundamentally enhance privacy" for hundreds of millions of users around the world. It follows other popular web browsers like Firefox and Safari, which already block third-party cookies by default.? Third-party cookies are used by websites other than the one the user is visiting, and are particularly popular among advertisers. First-party cookies created by the website the person is on will not be affected.

Bitcoin prices shoot again

The price of Bitcoin has risen sharply to its highest level since November 2019, reaching above $8,500 for the first time this year. The latest increase has reignited the debate over whether Bitcoin has become a safe-haven asset, with some market analysts claiming the cryptocurrency is a form of digital gold that investors turn to in times of economic and political turmoil.