How Sonya Hussyn sets the precedence more actresses’ should follow...

Sonya is a natural on the screen – she has delivered the most challenging roles with unapologetic audacity and an adroitness, which is a rare-find. True, her big-screen Azaadi did not fare well with the audiences, but Hussyn does have promising career prospects ahead of her, provided a worthy script finds her. Speaking of good scripts, (which are also commercially promising), what takes one to reject them? Keen conscience, for starters. It was recently revealed that Sonya was offered to play the “much coveted” character of Mehwish in the hit Merey Pass Tum Ho. But the actress rejected the lead role after a lot of contemplation. But why, you may wonder. Iffat Omar asked the actress the same on her show to which she replied, “I have some personal issues regarding women and such roles actually,” she begins. “I feel, there is already no acceptance of women in our society as it is, I didn't want to play a role that would perpetuate more issues. I can’t see women portrayed negatively,” Hussyn clarified. This interview which has gone viral ascertains that in a patriarchal Pakistani society, it is important for figures of influence like actresses to make mindful choices as to what their actions, words and acts can reinforce. – Editor