Wasim Akram joins wife Shaniera Akram to celebrate her successful campaign

Environment First

Shaniera Akram has been very concerned and vocal about the biomedical waste washing up at Karachi's Sea View beach. She declared the beach to be in a state of emergency, hazardous for anyone who comes in contact with it at. She wrote on her social, "Our beach is a bio-hazard zone and needs to be shut down immediately. I am so sorry to the people including myself who use and love our beach but this is beyond safe." Shaniera since then had joined forces to take action trying to clean the beach. Volunteers with the help of Sindh Government also joined to work for the said cause. They were successful in cleaning the beach when it seemed an almost impossible and difficult task to complete. Wasim Akram commended his wife’s efforts and also shared a very sweet note thanking her, "Thanks to Shaniera for initiating this needful campaign and to all government officials and massive thank you to workers who come there every morning to make it look the way it is now."