I have a lot of dates to curb my sugar cravings. Is that okay?

Excess of anything is bad. Three to five dates in a day are fine but if you are eating too many, then find the reason behind these cravings and fix that. Usually, our body craves sugar if we’re not eating enough or staying up late.

I want to quit coke. How do I even start?

Firstly, NEVER; I REPEAT NEVER switch to diet coke. It’s more harmful than the regular one. Let’s say if you drink five cans per day; come to four. Quit it gradually. Shift to fresh juices. Have one when you’re craving for coke. And stay hydrated.

Everybody has different things to say about water intake. Please clear all misunderstandings on this.

It’s pretty simple. To calculate how much water (ml) you need per day just multiply 30-35 ml with your weight in kgs.

Best foods for skin tightening?

A lot of people go for invasive and non-invasive treatments for skin tightening these days. Although, one can’t deny their importance but you really need a good diet to maintain good skin. Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, sufficient protein, have fish once or twice a week, one handful of nuts daily and drink lots of water too to maintain the rigidity of your skin. Working out regularly can also slow down the ageing process.

I have heard that consuming chia seeds (soaked overnight) on an empty stomach helps promote healthy weight loss? Is this another myth or does it actually work?

It indirectly helps in weight loss. Because it keeps you full for longer so you end up eating fewer calories. But if you believe that after eating like a horse, you are going to consume chia seeds and not gain any weight then that’s just a myth.

Suggest vegetables or foods good for people with diabetes and blood pressure?

All fruits and vegetables are good for diabetics and blood pressure patients. They just need to eat in moderation and maintain a balance. 

My New Year’s resolution was to cut back on coffee and it’s been very difficult. Please guide me on how to make that happen, I am currently functioning at six cups a day.

Coffee is good, but excess of anything in bad for your health. Some easy ways to cut back coffee:

• Switch your morning coffee with a fruit. This way you can control all the unnecessary cravings you may get all day.

• Don’t rush into it;

quit one cup every two weeks.

• Try substituting coffee with green tea, herbal teas or regular milk tea.

• Keep yourself hydrated and don’t stay up too late.

• Shift to a smaller cup.