My dermatologist has prescribed me collagen drink for skin and hair? Does it really work?

Collagen is a structural block of our body.
It contributes to 70 per cent of dry weight of our skin. It is also responsible for giving us a healthy and youthful-appearing skin. With age, this collagen becomes worn out and denatured. Its production decreases when you are in your late 20’s. We are losing collagen on a daily basis and by the time you turn 50 you lose about 50 per cent of collagen from your skin resulting in appearance of wrinkles and loss of firmness and elasticity from your skin.

There are certain drinks that claim to contain collagen but in reality this protein is too big to be absorbed by the gut in its full form. Collagen drinks on the other hand contains hydrolyzed peptides which trigger the production of collagen and elastin fibers by stimulating fibroblasts. Not to forget these drinks are not an alternate to a healthier diet and lifestyle. Using a sun block remains the most crucial step of your anti-aging regime.

I have very thick hair growth on my chin. It’s very painful to remove them with threading or waxing. Sometimes it bleeds from the follicles when I do waxing and leaves a pigmented spot. The worst part is, my hair grows back in a week's time, please help!

If you have a thick black hair then you are an ideal candidate for laser hair reduction. I can assure you if done properly, you will find around 70 per cent reduction in your hair growth only in three sessions. If you have excessive hair on the body with irregularities in your monthly cycle, then we need to get your hormonal profile done before proceeding for laser hair removal. •