The classic white trainer surpasses trends and only grows in popularity and style with time. The design of these shoes may be minimal, but the impact when used in the right way never is. A staple in many men’s wardrobes, the white trainer has the ability to be teamed with a plethora of looks and styles. The active-fashion style is dominating the runway prompting fashion-lead lads and celebs on the red carpet to take up the hip look. Whether you want to dress them down or smarten them up for a casual look, the classic white trainer will work with you no matter the occasion or time of year.

The Cruiser

Shorts are the most obvious choice for sneakers, but can also be the most difficult to pull off because the look often appears more gym-worthy, than a casual outfit that is perfectly stylish. For summers, keep the white sneaker lean and slim looking, worn without socks and low cut in silhouette. With shorts, treat the white sneaker like you would treat a pair of driving loafers or boat shoes, pairing the footwear with other weekend-cruising items: a plain fitted tee, comfortable shorts and aviator shades.

The Minimalist

Slipping straight into the minimal trend, white sneakers are an easy choice for monochrome purists. They create a light escape from an all-back look, which can feel a bit heavy in daylight hours. As the minimal name suggests, take away unnecessary items like socks and keep jackets, shirts and coats very symmetrical. Pants should be tapered or cropped and notch up the outfit with a beanie or metallic jewellery.

Mr Urban Cool

For a look that will take you from day to night, base the outfit with jogger pants in quality jersey cotton – the essential style indicator being the cuffed ankle. Pair with a casual jacket – be it a sophisticated hoodie or a functional coat, and weave underneath an urban tee, slightly slouched to play-off the relaxed urban mood.

The Denim Dude

The white sneaker looks brilliant with denim. If you prefer the dark side, your white sneakers can look just as good with dark denim. Keep everything smart, neat and tidy and pair with a light, plain tee for fashion and comfort. A double-denim look with white sneakers is a trend that you can never go wrong with. However, you can ditch the denim jacket for a top coat and collared shirt for a semi-formal look.

The Tailored Gent

Have you got the confidence to wear your cool white trainers with a three piece? Sneakers are more than appropriate for any formal event – be it a wedding or a day at work. With a suit or blazer the sneaker adds informalities to a tailored outfit, especially for nights out. Keep your socks on with a smarter suit, especially if you are sporting other trimmings: tie, pocket square and waistcoat. The sneakers need to remain sleek like dress shoes and absolutely white and bright; a dirty pair will kill any sartorial suaveness.


Once you have found the perfect pair for yourself, you will have to look after them. Wearing them so often and with so many different outfits will mean that they get grubby pretty quickly.

The best way to keep your tennis shoes looking their best is to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. A good old covering with a leather or canvas protection spray is a great way to keep the dirt at a distance. Keep the process up every few weeks or otherwise it will wear off.

If they do suffer from a bit of grime, don’t panic. Make sure you wipe off the mark as soon as you can to prevent it from staining – once the muck has penetrated the material there isn’t too much that can be done. Every time you take those trainers off check them for dirt.