I tried to quit bread because I was watching my weight and now I can’t eat it at all. I have the uncontrollable feeling that I have to throw up. What should I do?

It’s an unhealthy approach to quit any food group or food item for the sake of dieting. Try adding it back by creating healthy and delicious recipes. Make a sandwich; eat it with an egg or make French toast. Look for a recipe including bread that you enjoy. Do it gradually.

Best cheese for lactose intolerant people?

Camembert, blue, cheddar, brie, parmesan and Swiss cheese are good for lactose intolerant individuals.

My son is seven years old. What should I give him for growing pains?

Include Vitamin B, protein and iron rich foods in his diet and give him fish twice a week. And more importantly, make sure they spend at least an hour playing outdoors.

My toddler just won’t eat and she’s underweight too. Shall I start any supplements instead?

Before starting any supplements add calorie rich healthy foods in her diet. Experiment with different recipes, sit with her and eat yourself because children imitate us.