I opted out of my ACCA. What would be another route to getting a degree other than I am employed full-time.

If you don’t want to let go of your job then, look into external programs that universities like SZABIST and Lecole offer. You can also do these programs privately online.

I’m resuming my career two years after I had a baby. I’m very nervous about tackling questions around my career break. Please advice how to get the message across that I’m ready to dive head first into the game.

It is natural to feel nervous after taking a break in your profession. Be on top of your game by doing extensive research about the firms you are applying to. Read up on the organisations and the people working there, it’ll give you information about the kind of professionals working for the organisation. Be sure about your child’s responsibilities and how you will be taking care of your child while you’re at work. And lastly, be confident!

I hate medical and I’m being pressured by my family to study medicine regardless. I can’t even see blood. Please help.

At the end of the day, your career is your decision. You know better what drives you and if it means to take a stand for yourself you should. Talk to your family members and explain to them what drives you and why you want to study that particular subject. Be passionate about it when you explain and talk about your career choices to them.

My brother is very keen on studies, he’s 11. How do we fan his interest and help him further? Any courses or activities you could suggest?

If your brother is keen on studies, it means that he is already doing well in his school. Encourage him to read more so that it can read about what interests him and that will eventually help you and him. Look up courses that interest him. •