Strengthening cross border fan base

PK and Dangal have established Aamir Khan in China and this time, he is set to woo Chinese audiences with Secret Superstar. According to a report, Aamir is already working towards the film's release in the country. "Secret Superstar will definitely release in China in the next one or two months. We are working on the planning aspect of it," revealed the PK actor.

The 52-year-old plays a sleazy music producer in the film and is in second lead to teenager Zaira Wasim, playing a schoolgirl named Insia Malik from a small town, who defies her conservative Muslim father to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Though his film has amassed critical acclaim, Aamir has said he does not rely on box office numbers to measure his film's success. "Box office numbers are just one yardstick about the success of a film. If you see the numbers, we have earned double than the budget of the film. Normally, the films which recover it’s cost is called a hit, then this film should be called a super hit."