Megha Makes a Beeline

As she walked on with her sexy swivel and that figure-hugging, one-piece robe, most eyes were riveted to her jalwa at the Dubai International Airport. And guess what? Out of all the jubbas and kefiyyas on the tarmac, she had to make a beeline for Rehman Malik and Farhatullah Babar.

On top of everything you yearn for the home country away from home, but what the heck, yaar. With Malik zipping to Dubai to escape new court cases, he wasn’t in the right mood for a japphi! As against that, voluptuous Megha was smiling from cheek to cheek, and seemed to be the very essence of vibrancy. As the Sheikhs and their cronies looked on, she started on her quest for at least a 100 selfies.

You can excuse Mr Babar for being in close proximity of a glamorous film star, but Malik was equally flustered. Oh well, she is just a big girl. Standing 5ft. 9-inches or something, Megha could give Anjuman a run for the money! Kaheen PPP join karne ka irada tou naheen?