TV Dramatics – What’s Cooking?

Thrown to the deep end amongst a bunch of ruffians, handsome Zahid Ahmed is about to lose his ironed-out creases in Daldal. The cutie Sajal Aly jumped from a cliff into the cold waters of a northern river, in the last episode of Yaqeen Ka Safar, while a scoundrel was pointing a gun at the sleeping figure of Bilal Abbas, when the latest episode of O Rangreza aired last week. Uhh… no! Things aren’t as bad as they look. I mean, when you watch these gharailoo serials, with a variety of vamps and all-bad intriguers in drove, coming out of every nook and cranny of the house, you are bound to have a cynical view of life. You ask yourself, ‘how to slip out of these ghoulish walls?’

But, it’s more of the crass scripts than bad scenarios. All these young artistes are quite good. They make do with twisting and turning between the narrow corridors of the plots and sub-plots. Sadly, it’s the pen that is ditching the drama. For instance, the way things transpired in Daldal, with Zahid heading for Jiwani instead of London, lack of details and professional drama values made it look childish. It’s Qaisra Hayat jo makkhi pe makkhi maar rahee hain! She has done much better in multitrack Alif Allah Aur Insaan. Pagli is another a good meaningful serial suffering from extending a sequence for too many episodes. So, Khurram Abbas must learn to write in a concise manner. Similarly, in Thori Si Wafa, Saira Majeed has written scenes in a mundane way.