There's so much noise in my head. I cannot focus on work, I procrastinate for hours, I am not reading, I'm not even Netflixing. Where do I even start?

The problem I see is ‘having noise in your head’. The noise is probably preventing you from focusing on your work and keeping you distracted from Netflix and reading. Start by practicing mindfulness activities on a daily basis. Take 10 minutes off from everything around you and focus on your breath, bodily sensations, current feelings and your immediate surroundings. Feel the sounds, temperature and any movement in your surrounding in a calm manner. Daily mindfulness will calm you down and will eventually lessen the sounds in your head. It will be helpful to write down the kind of noises you hear in your head and feel what they are trying to say to you. I hope you feel better soon.

My four year old is being so wild, I cannot focus on anything and am on the verge of a breakdown. I don't want to lash out. How do I get myself together when it all gets too much so that I don't snap?

Handling small children comes with a lot of challenges. Some children demand more attention than others, making it difficult for their parents to relax. However, staying relaxed and calm will make you feel less stressed out around your child. Give yourself time and spend quality time every day in an activity that you enjoy. Spend a little time reading, driving or talking to a good friend on a regular basis. A happier and a calmer parent can handle children’s tantrums effectively.

I have nerve-wrecking anxiety and I cannot handle it anymore. What are some lifestyle changes that I can make to ease this or any oils/ teas that might help?

First of all, you need to explore the source of your anxiety instead of trying to get rid of it. Anxiety is most likely just a symptom of an unaddressed emotional issue. You can start by making a timeline of events that have provoked anxiety in you from the beginning. It will help you understand the situations which trigger your anxiety. You can also try mindfulness exercises and yoga to relieve the symptoms of anxiety.