Cybercriminals profiting from a possible pandemic

Tech news

Exploiting a public health crisis for personal gain is the dastardly crime of our times. The research arm of security firm Check Point has found that cybercriminals around the globe have launched phishing and other malware deployment schemes that ride on people's thirst for information about the coronavirus. In its most recent report, it found that coronavirus-related websites created in January and February of this year are "are 50% more likely to be malicious" than other websites created in the same time period. That means that if you search for information about the coronavirus, you could stumble onto a website that has the sole aim of stealing your information.

Mars rover has a name!

Call it Percy. It started with 28,000. NASA just narrowed it down to one. The next Mars rover, which has been going by Mars 2020, has a name: Perseverance. (We're officially giving it the nickname "Percy.") The space agency announced the winning name Thursday during a livestreamed event at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in California. Alexander Mather of Virginia, a middle-schooler, was behind the winning name. Back in 2019, a naming contest brought in over 28,000 essays with name suggestions from K-12 students around the U.S.

Folks, the Whisper app screamed!

Whisper, a popular social app that lets people anonymously post confessions and secrets, reportedly left a database exposed that tied messages to a user's age, location and other details. Records for millions of messages were viewable to anyone on a database that was open to the public internet, according to a report from The Washington Post. The database didn't contain real names but tied anonymous whispers to "a user's stated age, ethnicity, gender, hometown, nickname and any membership in groups.