Letters To The Editor

“Right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Coronavirus scams

There is nothing like a crisis to bring out con artists seeking to take advantage of the vulnerable and the unwary. With the nation in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, officials are warning of possible scams to milk you out of money. Recently, police arrested a person named Syed Didar Ali who posed as a doctor and was fraudulently selling vaccine for the treatment of coronavirus in Karachi. Also, a shopkeeper was arrested for hoarding hand sanitisers in DHA and 288 liquid hand wash bottles were seized from him. According to the police, the suspect had purchased the bottles for Rs 600 each and was selling them for Rs 1,000 each. Not just in Pakistan but also in Thailand, people are using coronavirus as an opportunity for extra crash. News revealed a second-hand goods vendor from Thailand selling used face masks, which had been washed, ironed, and repackaged as new. In times like this, people should be empathetic towards each other rather than cash in the situation.

Mehreen Raza,

Prevention of air accidents

Recently, a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) F-16 fighter jet crashed in the federal capital during a rehearsal for the air show of Pakistan Day (23rd March). Wing Commander Noman Akram, was martyred in the crash. The reason of the incident is still unknown. There is a range of causes to air accidents. The most general and probably the most transparent way of classification is dependence on human action or failure, technical and meteorological factors. The authorities must determine and analyse the circumstances of the accident. They should also take preventive measures which primarily focus on training and education of the aircrew, care for the aviation equipment, and technical support for air traffic. Taking these preventive measures will help in timely detection and elimination of the causes before they develop into an event.

Amna Khalil,

Kidnappings galore in Pakistan

While skimming through my Facebook feed, I came across a number of missing persons posts, proving that kidnappings galore while the authorities snore. But it’s important to know that parents must not entirely depend on the authorities and take preventive measures on their own. Young children, with intense curiosity about the world around them and eagerness to explore, can be the ultimate escape artists. When you're shopping, at an amusement park, or otherwise out in a crowd, keep your eyes on your child at all times. Also, your child should know to always tell you about being approached by a stranger even if someone said they would hurt him or her, or you. Let your child know he or she will not be in trouble, and you will protect him or her from harm.

Talha Saigal,

The pros and cons of marrying young

Recently, a young Lahori couple went viral on social media for getting married at 18 years of age. Some people praised them while others made fun of them and criticised their decision to marry young. Folk wisdom tells us that you should get married while you’re still young. Over time, the average age to tie the knot has consistently gone up. While there are clear advantages to holding off the decision till a later age, getting married early, too has its pros (and cons, of course). One of the biggest advantages of starting your life together early on is that you get to grow together. The both of you, as you build your life with each other, are more likely to grow together in the same direction. With this, your relationship strengthens. While the biggest disadvantage according to me is that you never learn who you are on your own. You commit to being responsible for another person at an age when you have the opportunity to discover who you are. Getting married early means revoking this chance of discovering your true self!

Dua Arif,