Sabeeka Imam

This is just an appreciation post for my parents who are both 60+ doctors working in the UK and not being given time off as they are needed to help others. May Allah protect them and all the other medical professionals all over the world who are honouring the oath they took for us.

Farhan Saeed

All the credit to #Pakistan authorities for being on point before time and controlling #COVID2019 to spread specially when we share borders with #China and #Iran. Let's be responsible citizens and fight this as we fight other challenges as a nation. May Allah be with us!

Shaniera Akram

It’s not just about the virus anymore it’s about keeping our country afloat throughout this time of crisis. We know charity, we have proved again and again that we are people of exceptional giving. But now will be the ultimate test, this will be the time our country needs us the most.

Zhalay Sarhadi

#zainabalert the app is now functional. I would like to urge all of you to read the information and download the app. It was much needed!!! Thank you #cplc I hope we can make a difference with this.