Shall I make any diet changes as preventative measures for corona virus?

No, no specific food item will prevent you from catching corona virus. Foods cannot magically protect you from any infection. Just practice social distancing, wash your hands quite often, eat a variety of healthy foods, avoid junk and work out regularly.

Can you suggest foods to deal with anxiety?

Diet can’t replace a thorough session with your psychologist on how to manage your anxiety. But it surely can help you with your symptoms and boost recovery. So, eat a variety of nuts, fish, herbs, yogurt and fruits daily.

Best diet for a teenage girl going through puberty?

Teenagers need a lot of energy and nutrients because they need it for growth and development of their body. They also need to work out or indulge in sports for healthier and stronger bones. Teenage girls should eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, enough protein, and carbs daily.

What should I avoid or do to combat acne?

It’s different for everyone. In some individuals, milk causes acne, while in others fast food is the culprit. Look for the triggers and avoid them. Other than that, consult a dermatologist too.

Shall we stop drinking cold water or iced drinks during this pandemic?

No, there’s no need for it. Just drink enough water. Practice social distancing, maintain good hygiene and you’ll be safe.