My father is very stubborn and won't see the doctor for his ill-health. How do I deal with him?

There is little you can do to help your father other than trying to convince him to take his health seriously. He is an adult who has to decide for himself whether he wants to seek medical help or not. He is probably already aware of the repercussions of not visiting the doctor in case of a serious illness. Positive motivation and therapy may work for him if he has a mental barrier as far as medical intervention is concerned.

I just broke off my engagement. I'm distraught to say the least and not able to function. Help me.

Getting over a breakup can take time. There is no need to rush through the healing process. Take time to process your emotions. You are not able to function because you are dealing with your internal turmoil and pain at this time, which is perfectly normal after a breakup. Give your emotional health priority at this time. Spend quality time with people who make you happy and seek professional help if needed.