Earth under lockdown

Coping mechanism

More and more countries join under the lockdown status, with people scared and scarred from the horrifying experience of a pandemic. But how are we coping? Videos from Italy of home-bound residents singing and playing instruments started making rounds on social media and seems like the trend is catching on. Multiple celebrities are offering hope and a way to cope through this difficult time to fans in isolation by performing online concerts via the Live feature on social media, internationally as well as locally. In an unprecedented move, Noah Centino even shared a new number he especially got to text with fans under lockdown. While the prospects are bleak and uncertainty looms, the world is experiencing a show of love that we were previously missing in our fast-paced, multitasking lives. Will we come out of the crisis with renewed reflection on the human need for social interaction or an understanding of the smallness of the human race against nature itself?
Time will tell.