Over 235 million people are living with asthma globally. It is the most common chronic disease in children. It is an episodic condition which causes difficulty in breathing and occurs due to inflammation of the tubes of the respiratory tract. Asthma can occur in childhood, but in some people, it directly occurs in adulthood. It can also occur when you are a child and get worse as you age. Living with asthma can be difficult at times. There is no cure for asthma until today but one can live a healthy life with a proper treatment. Asthma is a response of our body to any foreign particle. The factors that can trigger asthma are allergies, smoke, pollution, exercise and infections. You should try to find out the triggers that are causing you asthma. You can be allergic to dust mites, pollens, animal dander and many other things. Try to avoid them as much as you can.

Why you could have respiratory illness?

Having physical contact, eating and wearing something can cause you allergy. Many people have dust, pollen or peanut allergy and so on. Your body can be allergic to any substance. If anything causes you allergy, it will eventually exacerbate asthma symptoms. When the asthma occurs due to an allergic reaction, it is called allergy-induced asthma. You can prevent it by avoiding the exposure with the triggers that cause you allergies.


Common symptoms of an asthma attack are wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness and cough. If you are an asthmatic person, always be regular on your medicines and inhalers. Avoid the exposure to the triggers that cause you asthma. Long-term exposure or short-term exposure to air pollution also causes asthma. The small particles in the air enter your lungs and trigger the attack. The airways get constricted in response to the tiny particles that enter your lungs and cause difficulty in breathing.


There are two types of inhalers, usually the doctors prescribe for asthma. One is reliever inhaler, and the other is preventer inhaler. The reliever inhaler relieves the acute asthma attack and the preventer inhaler is prescribed for long-term use, and it prevents the asthma attack. Many people stop their preventer inhaler when they are doing well, and this is a terrible practice. If you stop the preventer inhaler on your own, it can worsen your asthma situation.

Preventative measures

Stop smoking today if you are a smoker. The smoke irritates the airways of the lungs, due to which they get swollen and produce sticky mucus. These damaged airways worsen the asthma symptoms. Exercise is good for patients suffering from asthma, but it can also exacerbate asthma symptoms. During exercise, you breathe through your mouth rather than the nose. So the air that enters is not warm and moist, causing asthma eventually. You should exercise with consistency, but ask your doctor about it and do not overexert yourself. Exercises like yoga and swimming strengthen your lungs and they are good for asthmatic people.

Additional information

Respiratory infections like common cold, flu, and pneumonia causes inflammation and narrowing of the airways. If you are an asthmatic person and suffering from any respiratory tract infection, the symptoms may get worse. Take your asthma medications when you are having chest infections, to get rid of all those evil symptoms. Visit your doctor if you are not feeling relieved by the daily asthma medications.

If you suffer from asthma, you are at higher risk for pneumonia and flu. Get yourself vaccinated against both of them. Try to figure out the triggers that cause you asthma and avoid them. You should remove wall to wall carpets at your home. Keep your house clean and maintain the relative humidity less than 50 per cent. You should also make sure there are no cockroaches, fungus and pets in your home and allow sunlight in. Wear a face mask while cleaning the house. Stop smoking if you are a smoker. Avoid your exposure to extreme climates. Make sure you cover yourself properly in winters. Keep the preventer inhaler always within arm’s reach.


You can enjoy a fully active and healthy life with asthma. It does not stop you from being physically active. You can walk or even workout daily if you are following the treatment. Managing your asthma symptoms is a basic task to remain healthy. Always keep in touch with your doctor about your progress. Be there on your appointments. Some days can be bad for you, but be optimistic and positive. You are stronger than anything! •

– Mariya Rizwan