Ridiculously cute mini bags to get your hands on

In recent fashion trends, micro bags have taken over the position of statement accessories with your outfits and there is no reason to not like them. We’ve selected the most beautiful and chic mini bags for you to upgrade your handbag collection. These micro mini bags are powerful enough to persuade you to ditch all those oversized purses and invest in one!

This miniature suede and leather variation on the Chloé Faye bag perfectly combines a casual yet classy vibe.

This Italian-made boho-box micro bag will draw a lot of attention.

This tan croc-embossed tiny leather bag is cheerful yet restrained, and has a detachable shoulder strap or it can be carried by its handle.

Since women’s clothing so often lacks pockets, why not opt for a tiny belt bag that will act just like one?

Move over tiny sunglasses! According to Simon Porte Jacquemus, it’s all about ridiculously itsy-bitsy finger bags now.

If you’re feeling campy, then opt for Marc Jacobs’ tiny but loud snapshot bag.