100 Humans

  • 28 Mar - 03 Apr, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Maybe you learn something from it but you’ll also alternately be bored, skip it!

If you got 100 people in a room, would you be able to get some answers on human behaviour if you give them the right experiments? That’s the idea behind 100 Humans, a comedic science series starring stand-up comedians Zainab Johnson, Sammy Obeid and Alie Ward. Hosts conduct the experiments, provide some snarky commentary in voice over and interview experts that can comment on why we’re seeing certain results from the various experiments. The first episode tries to figure out what we as humans find attractive. Experiment one tries to prove the old theory that the best dancers are the most fertile. Normally, we like this kind of show, where scientific theories are explained and examined in a funny way. And this show did elicit a chuckle or two, but there was something about 100 Humans that was off-putting. Actually there were a lot of things not likeable. First, the same group of nameless humans is used in each of the eight episodes. And, while we get the idea that they should be nameless and dress alike, the whole show feels vaguely dystopian, where these random people are subjected to these embarrassing experiments just for kicks. The hosts have to tread a fine line, especially during their voiceovers, of being funny without making fun of the people that they’re watching, and sometimes they fail at that, making the show sound more mean-spirited than helpful.