Dirty Money

  • 28 Mar - 03 Apr, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

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The second season of the docuseries about business gone bad, broadly covers capitalism and examines the boundaries companies are willing to cross in the name of turning a profit. In times of social, economic, and political upheaval, comfort takes odd shapes. Certain stories or topics that might at first appear too severe, reminding you of the cruelties and indignities that plague the real world, can end up providing a degree of solace. While it can be tempting to retreat into the realm of fantasy, stocking up on nostalgia-tinged sitcoms or mind-numbing adventure shows, the morsel-like info-dump documentary create their own version of escapism. Calling Dirty Money, Netflix's financial crimes docuseries returned for a six-episode season two. The show is clearly designed to call attention to serious problems and often attempts to strike a note of righteous indignation. Though each episode is directed by a different filmmaker and covers wildly different areas of illegality, there's still a formulaic quality to storytelling. Certain characters reoccur in each episode and the show does an effective job of interviewing victims and putting a human face on these crimes, showing how financial malpractice involving moving numbers on a spreadsheet or encouraging unethical sales practices have tragic consequences. At the same time, the series occasionally grapples with whether the horrible exploitation it portrays is an inevitable result of the current conditions of the global economy; the smooth aesthetics of the show, the helpful animation and the lighting of the interviews, help sell an idea of competence.

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