Think Yourself Thin!


Everyone has fat days. But when carrying extra weight starts to get you down, you’ve got a problem. However, the ability to lose those excess pounds is just as much to do with what’s in your head as what is on your plate. Some research has shown that people who thought about exercise and did it in their mind were just as likely to lose weight as those who went to the gym! Your mind is powerful and it usually does as it is told, so any message it receives, it will act on. Here’s how to harness that power…

Do not disturb

Your body and mind are interconnected. You must be clear in your intentions and tell the universe what you want your body to look like. But it’s no good just ratting off ‘I want a body like Kylie Minogue’ and expect it to happen. First you must prepare. Turn off the phone, put a note saying ‘do not disturb’ on the door and then put your body in a comfy position. Play calming music on to stop your mind whirring. But don’t try to block out thoughts, jut allow them to come and to go. Underneath all of this is your clear desire to lose weight. Your intention is clear. Think positively and should a negative thought slowly creep in, just allow it to leave again. Now you are being mindful.

Change it up

By being mindful, you’ll travel deep into the magical, hidden processes of your thinking.

This is where you’ll begin to change thought patterns that have probably plagued you for years. Not just with your body image and diet, but also in every area of your life. More changes will occur as it’s here you plant the seeds for a different, brand new body to emerge. With that new body will come an open, fresh mind, and this mindful approach will last a lifetime.

Staying the course

Staying determined is vital, that way the road to success is yours. When temptation beckons, remember your intentions. Condition yourself to hear a little voice whispering in your ear: Don’t eat that bag of crisps, take the stairs and not the lift or have a herb tea instead of hot chocolate.

The last thing you’ll then want is to disrupt what you have done. Stay away from sugar, it lowers your vibration and what you need now are healthy, fresh foods to keep it high.

Keep your mental and spiritual processes as clear as you possibly can. Carry on being kind to yourself. Try to keep your new mindful slimming approach to yourself as some people can be ungenerously scornful.

Fallen off the wagon?

Don’t worry. Go back to the beginning and recap everything you have learnt. Bolster your will by reminding yourself that you don’t need the extra weight. You can think yourself into breaking old habits and begin to nurture and care for the slimmer you!

Free yourself

From this seed will grow a new you, someone who watches what she eats, how she eats and how she moves. A new you who only speaks lovingly about her body and says cheerio to the fat by thanking it for having been there to protect and keep one safe from the world, from failure, from a relationship.

So the conversation with your excess fat will go like this: I thank you for protecting me. I value you for all you’ve done for me. I’m letting you go now for our time together is over.

This will give you a deep sense of peace and seeing there was a deep-seated need to be overweight. But that need has gone now. You are free to be the weight you want to be.

Tune in

Think of nature’s bountiful harvest, fruit and vegetables, with an array of colour and taste to keep you trim and healthy. You’ll expel toxins, so will feel brighter and clearer, and enjoy yourself more. As you learn to love yourself, others will, too. Hold the food in your hand before you eat. Tune into them and imagine what good they’ll be doing to your body. Eat three apples a day, they change the energy within us by making us more vibrant. Eat plenty of ginger and turmeric as these are magical foods that keep your mind on the slim route. Honey strengthens the mind and brings about happiness and health, especially the non-sugar variety. Also look out for wild flower honey.


• Eating late at night isn’t what puts on weight, it’s how much you consume during the day.

• A lack of shut-eye increases the hormone ghrelin, which is a hunger trigger.

• Carbs are good, but keep them brown. Eat brown rice, whole wheat pasta and wholemeal bread.