Letters To The Editor

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” – Og Mandino

Smog increasing health issues

Smog has taken over the entire city of Lahore and has made it impossible for people to head out. Numerous health issues are surfacing around the city and are making it difficult for the denizens to make it to their desired destinations. The respiratory health of people is at stake and has already resulted in many being admitted to hospitals throughout the metropolitan. What is the point of all the infrastructural development when people are still suffering at the hands of climate change, which needed much more attention from the government? Same is the case in India’s capital, New Delhi, which is also facing intense smog like every year. This is an issue which connects both the countries and effective joint efforts need to be taken to avoid such dangerous conditions in the future.

Aliyan Baig,

Children addicted to drugs

I recently came across a video on social media, which showed a drug addict child, who is roughly 12 years old. The kid consuming drugs is an alarming part of the video alone; however, the way it is being glorified on social media using memes and sound tweaks is a much bigger issue. Numerous social media users are openly praising the savage retorts of the kid, who is apparently being interviewed by a journalist about drug abuse. This is a disturbing reality and needs to be condemned on all platforms. This is not the time to glorify drug addicts; instead one must focus on the ignored subject matter – kids consuming drugs. He is not the only child who has become an addict while living on the streets, but there are many like him that we choose to ignore on a daily basis. Therefore, I would request the authorities to kindly look into this problem and at least try to stop children from consuming drugs.

Kanza Malik,

Underage domestic workers

Despite laws against child labour, people are not afraid to hire house helps that are as young as five years old. It is a sad reality that we, as a nation have failed the children of the less privileged in our society. People aren’t helping them live a better life; instead they are making the lives of such children much more difficult by hiring them as domestic workers in their households. The privileged Pakistani elite do not care when disregarding the law by putting child labour to use in the comfort of their homes. They are well aware that the constitution prohibits underage children from employment but still act deaf towards the law. These children, too deserve to be educated and groomed for the future, they too have dreams to become doctors, teachers, scientists and what not; therefore, instead of stopping them from dreaming, it’s high time we do something against this very evil prevailing in the society.

Bilal Hammad,

Looking forward to next elections

Each day brings a new challenge for the many political parties functioning in Pakistan. Despite immense political and administrative turmoil in the country’s power corridors, one must look forward to the upcoming elections that will be taking place next year. Although the political scenario looks quite happening at this point in time, considering the integration and disintegration of political parties in the country’s largest city. Processions, protests and press conferences have taken over the television screens with Pakistanis stuck with their TV sets, as if waiting for a revolution to begin. One must be aware of current affairs, but must also be conscious of the choices they plan to make in the general elections next year.

Farrukh Ahmed,