They say “Fashion fades, style is eternal”. While the saying has a point (no well-edited wardrobe is complete without the classics), there is nothing wrong with snapping up a few hot pieces that mark you out as a man who knows what he is doing. It is time you update your wardrobe with some trendy pieces that will go the distance for seasons to come (all the more reason to invest in them).

Coloured tailoring

In keeping with this year’s tendency to swerve anything remotely boring, colour is cropping up in the very last place you would expect: on tailoring. Simply open your eyes to the world of tailoring beyond grey, navy and black. Consider taupe, powder blue, teal and camel. It is the easiest way to stand out in a sea of similar suits and can make transitioning to the after-hours markedly easier.

Wear it right

The reason colour in tailoring has become so popular is all part of a global rebellion against dressing norms’ for men. Mastering this colourful rebellion is simply a matter of picking the right shades for your complexion. Rich, autumnal hues work well for any skin tone; try teaming a deep emerald green or burgundy suit with a slim fitting roll neck or crew neck T-shirt. Colour works well with texture, too. This season’s corduroy looks great in rust or blue or, for a more formal look, try a knitted tie matched to the colour of your suit with a crisp white shirt.

Moss green

For most guys, the autumn/winter months are prime time for retreating into a world of dark neutral tones. Understandably, men generally shy away from having to wrestle with brighter shades. But doing so doesn’t have to mean turning the saturation of your wardrobe up to max. Instead, try darker shades of typically summer tones, like moss green. It still counts as a colour, but is not offensively bright and is easy to wear.

Wear it right

Men underestimate how well darker greens work in an outfit; these shades break up dreary black, navy and grey, and add a touch of daringness. While olive is common for streetwear (think bombers, cargo trousers and military shirts), moss green has a smarter appeal, especially when paired with black. Choose this hue for merino sweaters, tailoring or outerwear and pair with your usual dark staples.

Statement knitwear

The unwritten rule of fashion has it that every trend will eventually be followed by its opposite. As such, after years of men relying on the stripped-back look to guide their wardrobe, things are getting a bit chaotic again. Leading the way this season is knitwear

with unsubtle logos and experimental patterns. It is time to make a statement with your top half.

Wear it right

The key with any statement wear is making sure that the statement gets heard. If you anchor a loud piece with quiet, neutral staples then you can turn down its volume and still make an impression. Also, be sure to consider the fabric as well as print. Choose prints or graphics in a texture that mutes them a little. In cold weather especially, a pattern on wool or knitted cotton feels less in-your-face than the same thing on satin. There’s a fine line between making yourself heard and being obnoxious.


After years of second-skin menswear, every expert worth his salt was banging on about the rise of oversized fits and yet it never quite seemed to catch on – until now. Waiting in the wings is a cooler cast of oversized menswear pieces, which are way more forgiving on those who are a bit bulky or tend to put on a few pounds this time of the year. Relaxed-leg trousers, knitwear with inflated proportions, cocoon-like coats; when it comes to shape and volume this season, more is most definitely more.

Wear it right

If you want to buy into bigger proportions but are unsure if you suit the look, opt for sober colours and wear on a day your confidence is riding high. As for what oversized gear should be on your shopping list, stylists advise starting with outerwear.

Winter whites

This hasn’t been a ‘thing’ for quite some time, but designers this season are getting ready to give the palest shades a try. If you are one of the few to dare to tread the same sartorial path, think white, cream, off-white and stone, and you will be on the right track. This may be a little more difficult look to carry because its more likely to get stained easily, but this is one of the trends where you can overlook dubious practicality.

Wear it right

Mastering winter whites is as much to do with texture as colour. In summer you want light, sharp and crisp optic whites, but winter whites should be made from warm and soft-handle fabrics. Think cashmere crew and roll necks, soft moleskin or corduroy trousers and brushed or boiled overcoats. Winter whites will ideally give freshness and add life to otherwise dark outfits.

Printed silk

Going out shirt – three words no stylish man in his right mind should ever utter. Thankfully, this season’s designers have made tasteful work out of one of menswear’s most troublesome items. The more shocking fact is that the best examples are printed and made from silk. On paper, it might sound a bit too risky, but with the right styling tricks the printed silk shirt will become your best friend once party season hits.

Wear it right

If wearing a printed silk shirt is a little out of your comfort zone, make sure everything else that you wear is neutral, so it can be the standout piece. However, the more seasoned print enthusiast shouldn’t be afraid to go maximalist. If you’re more of an eclectic dresser, mix a patterned silk shirt with other patterns – tie the look together with similar base colours and vary the print size of each piece.