Female face shaving

  • 16 May - 22 May, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

By Dr Sumera Memon
Dermatologist, cosmetologist and laser specialist, certified in laser and anti-ageing medicine (USA), gives us the verdict on the much debated beauty hack.

You may have heard about the female face-shaving craze on the Internet or even from that friend who was obsessed with getting rid of her peach fuzz. Whether you're skeptical of its benefits or simply terrified of cutting your face, it's really worth taking a moment to let me try to convince you otherwise. It turns out that face shaving is a great way to remove unwanted hair and exfoliate your skin, but only when done properly.

I have compiled myths and benefits to shaving your face, and along with that, a few safe methods to walk you through on shaving your face safely to prevent you from skin irritation, razor burns and ingrown hair.


It is a common belief that once you shave your face, your hair will grow back faster, thicker and darker. But that is not true, no matter which type of hair removal method you use, shaving has absolutely no effect on the rate of re-growth, the colour, or the thickness of the hair. Although it may feel a little stubbly, the hair is not actually thicker at all, what you are feeling is the blunt shaved edge of the hair instead of a thin pointed end that is the natural shape of a hair strand. Other than chemical processes, like when you get your hair coloured or a perm, nothing can change the specific hair texture you are born with, except the sneaky hormones.

Skin may feel exfoliated

One of the biggest benefits of shaving the face is exfoliated skin. Shaving is gentler than other physical forms of exfoliation, such as scrubbing, which can be harsh on the skin and result in scratches and micro tears.

Makeup is easier to apply

Clearing your face of both dark hair and peach fuzz can make it easier to put on makeup! Your foundation will glide smoothly and easily onto your hair-free face. However, you should not apply makeup right away after shaving because immediate application of makeup might clog your pores. Instead shave at night, so your face will be ready for makeup the next day.

Skincare products are more effective

Another benefit of shaving is that it can make your skincare products work better. Any form of exfoliation can help skincare products sink in better because it reduces the barrier. For immediate post-shave skincare, skin experts suggest light weight moisturising products.

Improves result of skin treatments

Home shaving or dermaplaning can improve other treatments because both processes result in varying degrees of hair and dead skin removal. It provides deeper product penetration, removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils, and promotes smoother skin.

Anti-ageing effects

Some beauty experts believe that shaving the face could have anti-ageing benefits and may stop wrinkles. Shaving can stimulate collagen production in the skin due to the dermabrasive effect of the shaving action. This in turn has an anti-ageing effect as it is mainly the decline of skin collagen which makes the difference between younger and older looking skin.


· Wash your face to remove any dirt or makeup before you shave, to prevent skin from irritation and infections.

· Exfoliate to remove dead skin. Use a gentle scrub or exfoliating glove to remove any loose hair and dead skin from the area of your face you plan to shave.

· Soak your face with warm water or hold a warm cloth on your skin for about three minutes before you shave. Hydrating your skin helps soften the hair follicles and allows the hairs to be cut more easily.

· Shaving gel preserves moisture and helps the razor blade glide easier across your skin. Applying shaving cream also shows where you have shaved already so you can avoid re-shaving over an area and irritating your skin.

· After you shave, apply a moisturising lotion or oil, preferably alcohol-free, and wait before using any makeup or facial creams.