Almost Happy: Season 1

  • 16 May - 22 May, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

The first season of the series Almost Happy released recently on Netflix. Sebastian – or Seba, as everyone calls him – hustles to an appointment. He gets a call from the producer of his radio show. It’s extraordinary news: he’ll be interviewing Paul McCartney on the air that afternoon. In a parking garage, the attendant recognises him and asks for a selfie, the first of many to do so in this episode. Seba makes it to the notary’s office, where he needs to sign the paperwork necessary for his ex-wife, Pilar (Natalie Perez), to take their two kids to Uruguay for the weekend. She’s late. Seba chats up with the secretary; she looks half his age; he offers her a pair of tickets to McCartney’s concert. Pilar finally arrives, but the notary has another appointment. Seba and Pilar decide to have lunch together, and they chat like people who are in love, not like people who are divorced. He tells her about the McCartney interview, and she’s thrilled for him. She talks him into shopping for a dress for the Uruguay trip, and he reluctantly agrees. They finally sign the papers, she talked him into buying a new shirt and jacket even though he’s not going to Uruguay and he heads back to the radio station. He texts the secretary, who says yes, she’ll stop by the station for the tickets. He then, talks out with his producer, weighing the prospect of a new love with the feelings he has for the mother of his children.