Well plaid!

  • 30 May - 05 Jun, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

It’s smart, it’s chic, it’s sophisticated with an edge. That’s the way to look at this season’s biggest fashion trend – plaid, that is.

Plaid or check, whatever you call it, has always been a trendy and relevant print in the fashion world since its origins, which go back 3,000 years ago. Unlike any other print, plaid has a tremendous historical importance, as well as a vitality that never goes outdated. It’s one of the patterns that you’ll always see on the street, and for that reason designers have adapted it into so many innovative pieces.

Whether dress up entirely in plaid pants and blazer, pull on a patchwork check edge, or swap a gingham button down shirt – below, we have compiled all the possible ways you can add this classic print to your wardrobe.

The Suit

Check suits, plaid suits, gingham suits or windowpane – whatever you call it, it's back in a brand new way and we're loving it! You can make this two-piece as retro or contemporary as you wish. Throw on some heels and don a paisley shirt if you wanna make it high fashion, or get your slogan tee and trainers on for a more minimalist approach.

The Pants

We’re replacing our racing stripe pants with plaids and checks, and wearing with everything from roll-neck knits to plain tees.

The Skirt

The check skirt may remind you of your schooldays, but it's all in the details and what you pair it with. For extra points, pair with a mismatched check blazer.

The Jumpsuit

Checkered or plaid jumpsuits are, without a doubt, a statement style. The head-to-toe, all-in-one garment creates a striking look that moves beyond a simple plaid dress or pants and top combo, and into more fashionable territories.

The Jacket

Ah, a classic. The checkered blazer has fallen in and out of fashion favour over time. Don't think that this piece is only appropriate for landed gentry and older men: the checkered blazers are perfect over slogan tees and jeans, midi floral dresses, and just about everything in between.

The Coat

Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate the trend into your day-to-day attire, the check coats on offer this season come in a variety of styles and proportions. Double-breasted, calf-skimming, cropped, boxy, oversized, fitted: the choice is yours.

The Dress

A plaid dress makes for the perfect throw-on-and-go piece for this season. All you need is a pair of cool sandals and the perfect bag to complete the look.

The Scarf

A tartan or plaid scarf can make a fantastic statement accessory. These checked scarves look stylish in a variety of tones. No matter which you choose, remember to keep the rest of your look somewhat subdued to avoid clashing with your patterned scarf.