Letters To The Editor

“An eye for an eye only leads to more blindness.”
– Margaret Atwood

Retest for MCAT

A recent announcement declared that the medical admission test conducted on the October 22 has been cancelled and a new test will be conducted in its place. I want the government and the education sector to take such matters more seriously. Every year, thousands of students in Karachi prepare for the medical admission test to secure admission in a public university. The test is conducted in a suffocating tent in the heat. Because of the negligence of the authorities, students will be put through this ordeal all over again, possibly putting their future at risk.

Dr. Hamza Khan,

No content for children

Almost all new moms are using apps such as YouTube to entertain and nourish the minds of their young ones. This is sadly because our TV programmers do not offer quality content for children. There are only a handful of channels that are specifically designed for children and even then, the content is not up to the mark. While the edu-tainment industry is booming all around the world, Pakistani children must rely on foreign content. What’s worse is that the cartoons shown on TV often revolve around trivial matters. Young children should have access to quality animated shows that can help them learn new things. Another problem is that since most parents allow their kids to use mobile phones and tablets from a young age, it becomes harder to limit their screen time as they grow older. If our television channels started catering to children, parents would be able to monitor their child’s screen time much easily. Our entertainment industry should certainly progress and start creating shows for kids that reflect our own culture and heritage.

Humna Khalid,

High lead content found in lipsticks

A video surfaced on social media where a woman tested out lead content found in lipsticks. The results were alarmingly high. While not all women can afford to buy the most expensive skin care products, it is important you stay clear of toxic materials such as lead and mercury. Such ingredients can lead to a number of health problems, and even cancer in extreme cases. One of the simplest ways to check lead content is to apply a swatch of lipstick on your hand and rub a gold item over it. If the colour changes to grey then you have a problem. The intensity of the colour change will depend on the amount of lead used in the product. Similarly, one should also be wary of high lead content in other skin care products such as compact powder, foundation and mascara.

Sarwat Farheen,

We need more libraries

It’s a shame that we don’t have more libraries in Karachi. I thoroughly enjoy reading but I’m often unable to find copies of the books I’d like to read. Libraries aren’t just great for borrowing books but provide fellow readers a spot to mingle and connect with like-minded people. I long to be a part of a book club where I would be able to discuss my favourite current reads but sadly, we don’t have a library nearby. While my college does have a library, it’s been a while since new books have been added to the collection. I wish we had more libraries in town so that I could simply borrow books instead of purchasing them. Also, having a library nearby would make it easier for me to prepare for my exams without getting distracted by social media.

Saima Quershi,