Tired of the same old metal and matte? Even oak seems to have run its course… that’s when you know it’s time to shake things up with the unconventional and lesser seen, concrete with a hint of copper! It’s so basic and minimal that it cannot go wrong. Keeping things effortlessly understated, it’s time to make some concrete decisions.

Slim cutlery in warm copper tones is almost too beautiful to use.

Stone textured bowl can be purposed for grinding or just shelved for décor.

Cool timer for your kitchen.

A simple canvas apron to manage the mess and matches the interior.

Cute and textured ceramic mugs to sit tastefully on your shelves. Bonus: the colours contrast beautifully with the concrete background.

Some kitchen art to do the talking.

Simply elegant, elegantly simple.

Opt for muted tonal ceramic canisters instead of blingy copper ones.