Seven steps we should follow when eating ice-cream according to a scientist

  • 06 Jun - 12 Jun, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
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Ice-cream is a staple sweet treat in most freezers, especially now the weather is warm. But if like most people you simple dig in without a second thought, you've been doing it wrong. With the help of sensory scientist Dr Sarah Kemp, low-calorie ice cream brand Oppo Brothers have discovered exactly how we should be eating ice-cream for it to taste the best. They have shared seven easy to follow steps. First, you should leave the ice-cream for 15 minutes after getting it out of the freezer to reach -14C. It will be soft to the touch – no need to aggressively dig at it with a spoon – this will release the aroma molecules. Second, using a teaspoon, scoop out a small amount ice-cream, about half of the spoon. Third, then place the teaspoon upside down into your mouth so the ice cream touches your tongue –taste buds – first. Fourth, move the ice-cream around your mouth taking note of the cold sensation and creamy texture. Fifth, inhale through your mouth so that it reaches all your receptors. Sixth, keep the ice-cream in your mouth for a full 12 seconds to experience maximum flavour. Seventh, repeat with every bite to build up the full ice-cream taste profile and sensation.