Asim Azhar

I find it funny that it’s considered okay for any random person to make a joke or diss a ‘celebrity’ based on their looks. But if a ‘celebrity’ hits back, it goes crazy. If you can’t take a joke back, don’t make one.


Would like all to please raise your voices for Pakistan’s radio industry esp. those who said that Ertugrul provides jobs to Voice over Artists. Not denying that it does, but here we have more than a 100 stations going towards closure. How many jobs is that? #savetheradio

Osman Khalid Butt

Child labour is child abuse. We cannot have another case like Zohra Shah. We cannot allow for our outrage to fade till our laws are amended to protect the rights of children, sans any loophole.

Momina Mustehsan

It’s only now that more universities are offering courses exploring the technology and industry use cases. We are all more or less at the same starting point. Let’s step up, Pakistan! We have it in us to lead.

Bilal Abbas Khan

Larka bara hogaya ek saaal aur! Jhapeees to all of you for all the wishes. Dil sey shukriya, koshish karoonga to respond jitna kar saka. Once again, thank you!