I cannot sustain a calorie deficit diet, will I ever succeed in losing weight?

No, calorie deficit is mandatory to lose weight. But make sure you’re taking your calories from nutrient dense foods and your diet is sustainable. Fad diets that assure weight loss are also based on calorie deficit but people usually quit them in a week or so because they don’t find these diets sustainable.

Can I have boiled potatoes if I want to watch my weight?

Of course, you can. Just ask your dietitian to adjust it in your plan.

I love power bars with granola and peanut butter but it is loaded with brown sugar. Should I indulge in them daily or are they a cheat meal item?

They’re a good option sometimes if you’re in a hurry and got no time to take a proper meal. Or you can take it as a post workout snack too.

Brown sugar for diabetics or stevia – which is better?

Both are good just make sure you use them in moderation.

I’m in my early 20s. Recently I have been facing a lot of hair fall. Also, my nails are turning yellow and they break very easily even with a slightest touch. What do you think is lacking in my diet?

You might be deficient in Vitamin D, calcium and zinc. Add nuts and fruits in your diet on regular basis. Take 10 soaked almonds first thing in the morning.

I have severe acidity with tea and coffee, but I can’t function throughout the day without them. Is there a way out for this problem?

There are a lot more factors that can cause acidity. Focus on them too. Meanwhile, don’t take coffee/tea in breakfast and after dinner. And gradually decrease your caffeine intake.

I’m way too addicted to sugary beverages since a long time now; I want to cut them out of my daily routine. Help!

Add natural sugar like nuts and fruits in your diet and avoid adding extra sugar in your tea and other beverages. Shift to fresh juices and then to milkshakes. But don’t add extra sugar in them. Dates are also a good option to add sweetness in your shakes. •