“The most important life-saving rule every Pakistan should follow right now: ‘Assume that everybody you are not quarantined with, no matter who they are, is COVID positive, and act according to that,’

as Pakistan crosses the 100,000 reported cases mark, Shaniera Akram tweets extreme precautionary mindset to adopt in order to stay safe.

“Never endorsed a skin lightening product. Been refusing ever since I was a VJ until now,”

Mahira Khan among the few local celebrities who have refused to become the face of whitening creams during a time when many from the industry get called out for it.

“We post about #JusticeForZohraShah while our house help chotu brings us tea. We tweet about #BlackLivesMatter yet (we) want a gori wife and call our dark skinned friend kaalu. We are hypocrites! You and I both. Time to look within and change ourselves before blaming them,”

in the midst of a changing world, comedian Ali Gul Pir makes a point about double standards within the country, limiting opinions to Twitter without any practice.