LinkedIn rolls out ‘Status’ feature

Social media news

LinkedIn is testing a new 'Current status' option which would enable users to share what they're up to at any given time with a one-line summary that would appear in different surfaces within the app. LinkedIn has confirmed the test, providing SMT with this statement, "We’re always exploring new ways to improve our members’ experience on LinkedIn, including features to help best represent themselves on their LinkedIn profile and with their LinkedIn community." The 'Current status' field allows for a 75 character summary, which would then be displayed when people hover over your profile within the app.

Facebook launches ‘Facebook News’ in the US

With demand for news content peaking amid various major events, Facebook has announced that it's rolling out its revamped Facebook News tab to all US users. First launched in selected regions last October, the new Facebook News will, at least initially, be available via the app menu, as opposed to getting its own main tab (as shown in the above example). Facebook says that whose who regularly access the news tab via the menu will see News available as a tab at some stage. Facebook News will be both human and algorithm moderated – though given Facebook's past experiments with algorithm moderation for news, you would expect them to lean heavily on the former, at least in the early stages.

Facebook tests integration of Messenger and Instagram Direct Message

Facebook continues to push ahead with its messaging integration plan, with another new Instagram/Messenger integration element spotted in testing. Instagram has confirmed this test, but has also noted that it's still in its early stages, and is not being trialed in the main app as yet. But still, it's another reminder that Facebook is still working on its messaging integration, and another prompt to get you thinking about what that means, and how it will apply across the various messaging options and apps. Really, it should make things a lot easier, with your full messaging history available within any app.