I saw this video online about worms and bugs in our produce that simple washing with water cannot clean. How do you suggest we wash our fruits and veggies?

Gently rub the fruits and vegetables under water. There’s no need to use soap. Wash and rub them with a light pressure applied for at least 30 seconds and keep them in a clean basket.

Do we need to boil bottled water for babies or is it okay to give them directly?

Always boil water before consumption, especially when making your baby’s feed. Or you can check the label “baby friendly” on bottles. Those are safe to use for your baby’s feed. No need to boil them.

Can you have lactose intolerance and not know it?

Usually we ignore the symptoms of any allergic reaction unless they’re severe. And sometimes we develop allergies too later in life. So yes, it’s possible to be lactose intolerant and not know it.

How does one stay focused on clean eating to lose weight? I always do it for a couple of days and then reward myself with a burger.

Well, you can have a burger while eating clean. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring at all. You just need to be a little informed about how calories work. You can contact me on Instagram handle mentioned to get a customised diet plan.

Someone suggested taking yogurt as a food to built immunity against Covid-19. Is there truth to this?

There’s no single food to “boost” your immunity all of a sudden. Immunity is a product of different factors like your diet, sleep, stress levels, activity etc. And to keep yourself safe from Covid-19; you have to practice social distancing and good hygiene.