I’ve put on a lot of weight lately, and I don’t even have any physical activity either. Do you recommend going on a vegan diet for quick weight loss?

You don’t need to go vegan to lose weight. Losing weight is all about your caloric intake even if those calories are coming from a chocolate bar (although you shouldn’t just be eating chocolates). Focus on a well balanced diet with sufficient protein, carbohydrates and fats while staying in caloric deficit. You can also incorporate occasional treats to help you stay consistent.

My son hates fruits, he doesn’t even look at them. How can I incorporate fruits in his diet?

You can add fruits to healthy muffins or make smoothies. Make a rainbow salad that looks attractive and vibrant. Cut fruit in fun shapes and use cute bowls and dishes. You can also offer rewards for finishing a serving of fruit at every meal.

I usually overeat when I’m stressed out, how can I control my stress eating?

Find something else to distract yourself when you’re stressed. Follow a skincare regime, read a book, watch a show and if you absolutely cannot combat hunger, keep healthy options in sight like fat-free popcorn, fruit salad, a chicken mayo sandwich, cucumbers and carrots with a hummus dip etc.

I’ve recently started working out; please suggest easy-to-make post-workout snacks?

Anything that incorporates carbs and protein would be a decent option. For example; a banana and protein shake, whole wheat bread and peanut butter, Greek yogurt and fruit, baked potato and chicken tikka etc.

My daughter complains of skin rashes whenever she eats an egg. What can be the cause and what should I do to prevent them?

She is probably allergic to eggs. An egg allergy is fairly common however, not everyone is allergic to the entire egg. Try giving her just an egg white and see if she reports the same reaction. If she does, removing eggs from her diet might be a good idea.