I am a 15 year old and am facing symptoms of bipolar disorder. I have severe mood swings and now I am beginning to have suicidal thoughts and trouble sleeping as well. I stay awake the whole night and would sleep at 9am and would wake up at 2pm. Due to the lockdown, I really have nowhere to go or ask anyone and I also suffer from extreme anxiety and stress. Another problem is that my parents don’t know as I am a bit afraid of the outcome but my friends do know and asked me to find help.

Please avoid self-diagnosis in the absence of authentic medical advice. Bipolar disorder can be very serious and needs to be diagnosed and treated by a psychiatrist. Seek help from a therapist for your depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Online sessions are easily available these days. Try to maintain a healthy routine and sleep timings. Follow healthy habits such as exercise and walk in your daily routine.

I am Covid positive and in isolation. It's so hard dealing with this state of fear and anxiety while I am cooped up all alone. How do I cope?

You are going through physical and emotional isolation right now. Keeping a positive mindset at this time will help you recover faster. You will heal faster if your mind is calm and is focused on getting better. Stay connected to your loved ones online. Follow all the professional medical advice. A vast major of Covid positive patients recover on their own without medical intervention. At this stressful time, sticking to mental thoughts that make you happy such as happy times from the past can help. Avoid going through negative news on social media about the pandemic. Wishing you a complete recovery.