Twitter to remove verification badges from accounts that violate rules

Twitter has announced that it will begin removing verification badges from users that don’t comply by its rules. The announcement was posted on Twitter’s official support account. According to the statement, Twitter is now working on a new verification and authentication programme and is conducting a thorough review of present verified accounts. This step is being taken to reduce abuse and harassment on the platform. Since verification badges are often viewed as endorsements by the platform, Twitter has decided to take better measures to filter out people who are violating its rules to protect its users.

Facebook introduces trust indicators to verify credibility of news articles

Facebook has introduced trust indicators so that readers can learn more about the publisher of news articles shared on the platform. The trust indicators offer important information about the publisher including their masthead and policies on ethics. To begin, Facebook is starting off with a small group of publishers and is planning on expanding the feature over time. This will help users gauge the credibility of news articles published on the social media network. According to a statement released by Facebook, this initiative will help combat misinformation and false news on the social media platform.

Motorola announces new Moto Mod with a snap-on Polaroid printer

Motorola has announced the latest Moto Mod for its Moto Z’s line-up which includes a snap-on Polaroid Insta-Share Printer. Aside from printing photos from the phone’s camera roll, users can also print pictures from platforms such as Facebook, Google Photos and Instagram. Unfortunately, customers are likely to find the phone a little bulky which means you might not be able to slip it in your pocket easily. Users will be able to customise the pictures with filters, text and borders, which may end up defeating the purpose of using instant cameras.