Queer Eye: Season 5

  • 20 Jun - 26 Jun, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

It can be safely said that people have been eagerly awaiting another season of Queer Eye for the longest time. This latest season did not disappoint and kept within the format everyone knows and loves with a few exciting changes. This is a show that make-overs and transforms the lives of people who need it most. Each member of the fab five are specialists in certain areas and they each take time to use their skills to help and educate the guests to improve their lives in one way or another, while still being entertaining. It has been well documented that each member of the fab five were brought in for their skills and never had met each other before the first season of this show started but their friendship and chemistry is clear to see which makes for an even more enjoyable watch. This new season opens with a fun montage of the fab five setting up their new headquarters in Philadelphia. Some viewers may think this is somewhat misleading and confusing. The transitions in Queer Eye involve the fab five dress in some sort of costume that is clearly a reference to the new location. What is very interesting about the fifth season of Queer Eye is that the fab five not only make over the hero’s homes and looks etc., but also they make an effort to improve the businesses they have developed or work for. The fab five are very entertaining and each tries to educate viewers on their specialist areas.