The essence of Summer

  • 20 Jun - 26 Jun, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

Here’s a celebration of hues, vibrant and sober, orange and mint green.

Aiming for a pristine look? Play it up with white and some delicate stone embellishments in soft gold and green. Go for a lightweight dupatta to keep the focus on your kameez and a crisp shalwar to keep it ulta-desi. Or are you feeling more like adorning in a soothing hue to green. The days of the convenient long kameez and a hint of flare-y trousers are back. Opt for intricately done beadwork and embroidery motifs and keep the rest of the outfit solid.

If you’re feeling like an eastern girl with a touch of western, go for a clean cut kurta paired with monotone tailored pants and pair it with the trendiest bag you have. There’s a fusion you don’t see. 

Hair & makeup: Sunil Nawab
Designer: Hussain Rehar
Styling: Yasser Abdul Aziz Dar
Photography: Alee Hassan
Featuring: Alicia Khan & Ambreen Afzaal