BLOOD - The Mischief Continues…

  • 27 Jun - 03 Jul, 2020
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Rizwan said,

“I know how we can handle this situation.”

“How?” Khattab asked on behalf of everybody.

“The idea is a little unrealistic, but it can make us successful with our mission. The idea is dangerous, which is why you guys won’t agree with it.”

“Let’s hear it out,” Zakariya said with impatience.

“His mother Naila, we can make her a hostage.”

“Oh, come on, Rizwan!” Khattab uttered disliking the idea.

“Sure, why not?” Rahman agreed.

“That’s very dangerous,” Zakariya suggested.

Rizwan loudly said,

“I know, I know, you all are not agreeing with me on this, but this way we can make our plan successful.”

“No, Rizwan!” Maqsood said, “It won’t be successful. Trust me, we’ll fail on this.”

“What are you talking about?” Rahman asked.

“Guys, I know this boy. He is very rebellious. He doesn’t care if his mom lives or dies.”

“That might be true,” Zakariya responded.

“Yes, he won’t care. If you’ll put a gun on his mother’s head, he’ll say be my guest, do what you like.”

“Damn!” Rahman commented angrily.

“Or what if he has already killed our child?” Rizwan asked.

“That can be true,” Khattab said, “I mean, I’m sorry to say that but that can be absolutely true. This boy is not even human. His father murdered your daughter, and so his son can too.”

“Look, I just want our child to be with us,” Rizwan said, “Then, I won’t care about anything and simply shoot both. I want to murder Jafar first, so I can see how his father goes in agony.”

There was an awkward moment of silence until Rizwan said,

“Answer me Zakariya, I want to know, the charges that were on you, are they resolved?”

“Not precisely. I mean, I’m on a temporary bail. But I’m sure I’ll be relieved because there are witnesses who are willing to testify that I was at the marketplace during the baby sitter’s murder.”

“Okay, that’s good.”

Rahman tried to bring them back to their important conversation,

“Can we revise our entire plan one more time?”

“Alright, the plan is clear,” Rizwan declared, “We’ll go through it one more time and then, everybody will separate and start their respective jobs. After one week, we’ll attack.”


One Week Later

The doorbell of Hannan’s house was rung twice by an unknown man. After several seconds, Naila answered the door. She saw two police officers standing outside.

“Yes?” she asked feeling quite surprised.

“We’re looking for Hannan Tariq.”

“He’s not here, in fact I haven’t seen him since three days.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes officers, I am really worried about my husband. You have got to help me.”

“No ma’am, you need to help us. There’s an arrest warrant on his name. This guy has murdered Rizwan’s daughter.”

“Oh, my God!” she replied feeling badly shocked.

“Yes, and we must find out about his whereabouts immediately.”

“Oh…” she answered feeling upset, “Well, I’ll help you. I am willing to help you with whatever you need. I knew he would betray me one day.”

“Do you know anything about his rivalry with Rizwan? Or can you tell us why he would try to kill his daughter.”

“To be honest, I don’t know much but I do know that the brothers had a tough past. They were thirsty for each other’s blood.”

The police officers collected some more information from her and left.

Meanwhile near Jafar’s garage, there was a white coloured van. Inside the vehicle the team of five members: Rizwan, Rahman, Zakariya, Maqsood and Khattab were seated. Maqsood was on the driving seat as he drove them all the way from Rizwan’s house.

Rizwan began,

“So, are you all ready?”

“Yes!” they all spoke in a low voice.

“Alright, step outside and pick up your weapons. Maqsood unlock the trunk’s door.”

One minute later, they all were standing outside the vehicle and were holding the hand guns. Rahman had gun in right hand and two grenades in the other.

Rizwan instructed all of them,

“Alright, I’m going to their garage now. I’ll knock the door and somehow manage to see if Harun is inside. The moment, I’ll be satisfied that he’s not there; I’ll give you a signal.

On my signal, you all will start shooting.”

“I have a question,” Zakariya said raising his hand.


“I want to ask Maqsood, are you sure that Hannan is inside there?”

“Yes, I’m one hundred percent sure.”

“Great, let’s begin!”

That very moment while they were holding guns, firing of bullets started over them. They all got conscious and ducked down dropping their weapons. Rahman was looking around trying to find out who was firing over them. The glasses of their vehicle were shot and shattered. The entire vehicle was destroyed by the gunshots. Rizwan got up a little to see who it was and found a long heighted guy who was probably Jafar’s gunman. The hand gun through which he was shooting got empty. He turned and ran immediately towards the garage to inform Jafar and his father.

Rizwan realised the situation and said,

“Damn it! Our plan has nearly failed.”

He got up and exclaimed,

“Alright, get up everyone. We have to attack them by force now.”

“What about Harun?” Khattab asked.

That moment when they all had stood up, Rahman yelled out,

“Look over here.”

They all saw that Maqsood who was still lying on the ground had been shot on his chest. He was still alive and was still moving.

“Oh, no!” Rizwan said.

“I’ll be fine,” Maqsood screamed in pain, “You guys carry on, quick.”

Rahman reloaded his gun and said,

“We don’t have much time, let’s go and shoot them.”

“Alright,” Rizwan said in panic, “You Khattab, you’re going to have to stay with Maqsood here, while the three of us will go for the war.”

Rahman and Zakariya rushed towards the garage holding their guns when Jafar stepped outside to see what was happening. Rahman aimed his gun towards him and tried to shoot him but missed it because Jafar immediately ran back inside.

As Jafar came inside, he said to his two gun men,

“We are only three, we have to defend ourselves. Just pick up whichever weapon you find and start firing at them.”

Hannan came at that very moment and asked,

“What’s going on?”

“Your brother is here, and he wants to kill you.”

Jafar and his two men rushed to pick up the guns. Hannan shut his eyes and felt deeply heartbroken. He turned and picked up a pen from the table. He then, walked towards another side of the garage to get a paper. He found a used register and from that register he tore out a piece of paper.

Meanwhile outside, Zakariya and Rahman were firing on the garage’s door, so they could enter inside. The door’s lock was finally broken. Rahman almost entered inside by pushing it but Zakariya stopped him and said,

“Why don’t you go and hide behind that tree? In the meantime, I’ll go inside and see if Harun is there inside.”

“Why should I hide? We are here to attack them.”

That instant, the two goons came outside holding a huge machine gun and started hitting Rahman with the back of the gun. Rahman was taken by surprise and his gun fell on the ground. They hit him on his face three times at least until he was finally lying on the ground. Zakariya who was terrified shot both on their legs and rushed inside the garage.

The two goons were injured and were feeling the pain but they gained some strength and stood up again.

Meanwhile inside the garage, Zakariya saw Hannan standing in front of him, holding a piece of paper. Zakariya pointed his gun towards Hannan and asked,

“Where is my son?”

“He is alive. But he’s not here.”

“Where is he? Answer me!”

“I’ll tell you everything, but in return I want you to give this paper to my brother.”

Zakariya kept the gun back in his holster hoping for some negotiation.

While outside, Rahman who was injured and was bleeding all over from his forehead gained consciousness and looked around. He realised that the two goons had moved back inside. He stood up and searched for his hand gun. He found it near the tree. He considered the idea of hiding behind the tree and firing while hiding there.

He walked with pain and picked up his hand gun with his right hand. That moment, one of the goons who had returned back outside shot him on his right arm’s elbow.

That moment, Rizwan jumped and made three gunshots. One of the three gunshots luckily crossed that goon’s neck causing him to fall and die.

Rahman who was even more injured now and could hardly move his right hand picked up the weapon through his left hand and said to his father,

“I’m going to sit behind this tree, and fire when I’m ready.”

Rizwan nodded his head and turned to look at Khattab. Khattab shook his head giving an expression of disappointment. Rizwan immediately understood that he meant that Maqsood was dead.

Oh, no! He uttered.

After a few seconds, Zakariya stepped outside the garage and said to Rizwan raising his voice,

“I have some news, you must know this.”

Rizwan was a bit confused and he asked,

“What’s going on Zakariya? Is Harun inside?”

Zakariya shook his head and said,


That instant, a rainfall of bullets showered upon Zakariya from behind, splashes of blood appeared in front.

Injured Rahman stood up immediately seeing this. Rizwan’s eyes opened out wide and he aimed his pistols straight towards the garage. It was Jafar who had shot Zakariya from behind through his machine gun.

Rizwan started firing towards him, but Zakariya ducked down and went back inside the entrance of the garage after standing up immediately.

Rahman and Rizwan saw that Zakariya was lying dead on the ground. They both were really upset about it. While the two were looking at each other, Rizwan heard and felt a gunshot on his right thigh. He dropped his weapons and touched the recent injury with agony.

Rahman was startled and he gained some courage. He aimed the open side of the garage and fired through his left hand.

Jafar who was inside saw his father Hannan climbing out of the window at the back side. He uttered,

Oh great, he has escaped just perfectly.

His second gun man came by his side and asked,

“How are we going to escape this?”

“Don’t worry, I have shot Rizwan. He is injured. Rahman is already injured; we just have to shoot them both by surprise.”

“Okay, how?”

“You step outside and distract them by raising up your hands.”

“What? Are you kidding?”

“Just hear me out! In the meantime, I’ll climb from that window and then come from behind Rahman. I’ll shoot him from behind and then as Rizwan will get distracted, you’re going to take out your gun and shoot him.”

Meanwhile outside, Rahman who was standing behind the tree said to his father,

“My gun is empty now.”

Rizwan listened to him holding his thigh in pain. Rahman continued,

“I am now going to throw this grenade inside.”

“No Rahman, don’t.”

“Look, Harun is not there inside. Zakariya is already dead. And besides, we both want to see Hannan and Jafar dead, so why not?”

Rizwan had no answer to this.

Rahman finally threw the unpinned grenade inside the garage when Jafar’s gun man was coming outside with his hands on his head. The moment he stepped outside, the grenade made its way inside.

Rizwan yelled out,

“Rahman move back!”

The gun man yelled out seeing the bomb go inside.

Jafar who was about to climb the window saw the grenade making its way inside. As the bomb was on the ground, Jafar shut his eyes realising he was over forever.

The loud explosion took place and it shook the entire garage. There was fire and some flames. The black smoke was emerging slowly. The gun man who had just stepped outside also died as the front side wall fell over him. Rizwan was kind of relieved as he saw that his son wasn’t hurt because of this.

Meanwhile at some distance, Hannan stopped running as he heard the bomb explosion.

He turned to see and uttered,

Oh my God, no!

He then, turned his face ahead and saw two police officers who came to his apartment earlier standing in front of him.

“You are Hannan Tariq, right?”

“Yes,” he replied with reluctance.

“We have a warrant to arrest you.”

to be continued...