Serena Williams will be at the U.S. Open but this time without fans

The tennis pro announced that she will be playing in this year's tournament. This news comes one day after the United States Tennis Association announced that the U.S. Open will carry on with unprecedented restrictions in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Under the new regulations, the event will be held without fans to ensure the safety of players. Addressing fans in a video message, Williams expressed her excitement over her participation. "So this announcement has been on my mind all day, but ultimately I really cannot wait to return in New York and play the U.S. Open 2020," she said. "It's going to be exciting. It's been over six months since a lot of us have played professional tennis." Speaking to the USTA's new guidelines, the six-time U.S. Open champion also shared that she's upset she'll have to play without her fans cheering her on. "I'll certainly miss the fans," Williams continued. "I'll really miss that and getting me through some of those tough matches. But, this is crazy. I'm excited."