Mahira Khan

Aaap thein, toh hum aaj hein… Thank you for paving the way, you will always be remembered. #SabihaKhanum

Farhan Saeed

The untimely demise of Sushant Singh is yet another reminder for us to be there for our loved ones making sure they know they aren't alone. Mental health is a serious issue and should be dealt with as such. Take care of people around you. #MentalHealthMatters

Fahad Mustafa

Moving ahead with all the safety gears and precautions. I’m really obliged to Zainab Chotani for keeping our staff safe by sending these PPEs.

Sanam Saeed

Oh, man! Hoping and praying with everything else that somehow cinemas become a safe zone to go back to. Can't take the movies away from us! Waiting for all these amazing films to be shown!

Sabeeka Imam

Me looking at well-known bullies, gossipmongers, haters and trolls tweeting really “kind” things about people with depression. #ISeeYou